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We Represent THOUSANDS of Top Manufacturers & Product Lines


We all know the importance of having the right gear, equipment, and supplies needed to get the job done as quickly and safely as possible. Unfortunately not every glove, boot, helmet, or flashlight is right for every person or every situation. Therefore, we carry a broad range of top level cutting edge products to fit your need and situation. Chances are, we carry it!

PPE & Turnout Gear

Turnout Gear:  Veridian Fire Protective, Lakeland Industries, Viking Life Saving, Ricochet Mfg

Brush Gear & Extricaton: Veridian, Lakeland Industries, TOPPS Safety Apparel, Ricochet Mfg

Fire Boots: Black Diamond, Thorogood, Honeywell, Ranger

Fire Helmets: MSA Cairns, Bullard, Honeywell

Wildland Helmets: Bullard

Structural Fire Gloves: Veridian, Honeywell FRPs, Tech Trade Protech 8, Dragon Fire X2, Vanguard, Holik, CESTUS

Extrication Gloves: Dragon Fire, Tech Trade Protech 8, Vanguard, Holik, CESTUS, Ergodyne, Ringers

Hoods: Majestic Fire Apparel, Viking, Veridian, Bullard, GORE

Station Wear:  5.11 Tactical, TOPPs, Propper, Tru-Spec, Dickies, Under Armour, Flying Cross, Elbeco, Horace Small

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging Cameras:  Argus / FLIR / AVON Protection / Tempest / ISI


Argus developed the first ever hand-held thermal imager for firefighting over 35 years ago. Today the Mi-TIC family of thermal imagers are the lightest NFPA 1801 certified cameras available and our Thermal Torch for Police and Security is the first of its kind. With the Mi-TIC's ergonomic design, unmistakable application of colors. or the highest dynamic temperature range, Argus' innovations are always specifically designed with the user in mind.

Hand Tools

Hand Tools: Fire Hooks Unlimited, Akron Brass, TNT Tools, Leatherhead Tools, Flamefighter Products, Etc.



Hand Tools
Nozzles & Accessories

Nozzles: Akron Brass, TFT Task Force Tips, Elkhart Brass, Crestar, POK, Protek, Etc.

Specialized / Piercing Nozzles: Blanchat BEAST, HCT TKO Nozzle

Wildland:  Scotty Firefighting, Akron Brass, Crestar, POK

Turrets: Akron Brass, TFT, Elkhart Brass, Crestar

Couplings & Wyes: Akron Brass, Redhead Brass, Southpark Corporation, Kochek, Elkhart Brass,

Valves: Akron Brass, Elkhart Brass, Apollo



Fire Hose

Attack Lines: FireQuip, Key Fire Hose, Neidner, Mercedes Textiles

Forestry:  FireQuip, Key Fire Hose, Neidner, Mercedes Textiles

LDH: FireQuip, Key Fire Hose, Neidner, Mercedes Textiles

Hard Suction: FireQuip, Key Fire Hose, Neidner, Mercedes Textiles, Kochek

Booster Hose: FireQuip, Key Fire Hose, Neidner, Mercedes Textiles

Honeywell First Responder Titan SCBA Fire Firefigher Breathing Apparatus SURVIVAIR Sperian Mask Pack

SCBA's:  Honeywell First Responder & Safety Products


We are a repair center for Survivair Panther, Sperian Warrior, & Honeywell TITAN SCBA's. 


We offer mobile flow testing and repairs for the Panther, Warrior, & TITAN SCBAs.

Flashlights & Lighting

Flashlights: Streamlight, FoxFury Lighting, Pelican, MagLite, Bayco, NightStick, 5.11, Etc.

Scene Lighting:  FoxFury, Whelen, Akron, Weldon, FRC, RIGID, Pelican, Streamlight, Code 3, Tecniq, Federal Signal, GoLight, Etc.

Light Towers: Wilburt & Command Light

Helmet Lighting: Streamlight, FoxFury, Pelican, NightStick,

Dive Lights: FoxFury, Streamlight, Pelican, UK

Law Enforcement: Streamlight, Pelican, FoxFury, Surefire

Illumination Products

Illumination Products:  MN8 FoxFire Products


Three of the biggest risks faced by firefighters are disorientation, visibility and accountability (to both individuals and tools). Foxfire® illuminating  products assist firefighters in facing these risks by improving positional orientation, making personnel easy to locate and illuminating search areas.

Foams, Wetting Agents,  & Encapsulators

Encapsulators:  Hazard Control Technologies: F500 Encapsulator Agent

Wetting Agents / Foams: F500 EA, Pinnacle, Crestar

Class A Foams: Pinnacle (Flourine Free)

Class B AFFF & AR-AFFF Foams: F500 Encapsulator Agent (Flourine Free), Pinnacle Foam

Foam Sticks: Scotty Firefighting, POK / Buckeye


F-500 EA is the answer to many of today’s firefighting challenges.  In a world where fires have become hotter and more difficult to extinguish, F-500 Encapsulator Agent’s unique capabilities meet those challenges.  First, F-500 EA has a remarkable ability to cool a fire and surrounding structures, with the ability to absorb 6-10 times more heat energy than plain water.  Instead of scalding steam, F-500 EA releases a warm vapor.  Secondly, F-500 EA encapsulates fuels forming micelles or “chemical cocoons” that render the fuel nonflammable and nonignitable.  Finally, F-500 EA interrupts the free radical chain reaction.  Free radicals are unburned gases produced during the combustion process that turn into smoke and soot.  Inhibiting the chain reaction results in less smoke and toxins and increases visibility.

  • Rapid cooling

  • Encapsulates the fuel

  • Interrupts the free radical chain reaction

These unique properties make F-500 Encapsulator Agent the most versatile firefighting agent available.  Where foam has to form and maintain a perfect blanket to separate a fire from oxygen, F-500 EA merely needs to contact the fuel and vapors.  F-500 EA is perfect for three-dimensional fires, plus F-500 EA is recommended for Class A, Class B (polar and nonpolar) and Class D fires.  There’s no need to inventory Class A, AFFF and AR-AFFF foams and specialized agents for Class D fires.  F-500 EA can do it all!

Ballistic Body Armor

Plate Carriers: COVERT Armor, 5.11 Tactical, Propper, Voodoo Tactical, Tasmanian Tiger, Condor, Armor Express

NFPA 3000 Certified Fire / EMS Armor: COVERT Armor

Body Armor & Soft Armor:  COVERT Armor, Propper, Armor Express

Helmets & Plates: COVERT Armor, Propper, Armor Express, Custom Armor Group (CAG)

Positive Pressure Fans & Ventilation

PPV Positive Pressure Ventilation Fans: Euramco / RAMFAN. Tempest, SuperVac 

Smoke Ejectors: Euramco / RAMFAN. Tempest, SuperVac 

Misting / Rehab Fans:  Euramco / RAMFAN

Confined Space: Euramco / RAMFAN. Tempest, SuperVac 

Electric Powered: Euramco / RAMFAN. Tempest, SuperVac

Battery Powered:  Euramco / RAMFAN. Tempest, SuperVac 

Gas / Engine Powered: Euramco / RAMFAN. Tempest, SuperVac 

Mobile Ventilation: Euramco / RAMFAN. Tempest, SuperVac 

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