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Ricochet Manufacturing: Turnout Gear


NFPA certification is only where we start!

Ricochet manufactures all of our personal protective equipment (PPE) in an ISO 9001 certified facility in Philadelphia, PA.  To meet NFPA 1999, 1951 & 1971 standards, Ricochet garments undergo numerous tests designed to guarantee durability and effectiveness of the barriers to liquid and liquid-borne pathogen penetration under the extreme conditions these barriers may face in the field. As tough as the NFPA standards are, creating PPE that is just "good enough" to meet the NFPA certification is not good enough for us. That’s why, at Ricochet, we engineer clothing that goes above and beyond the requirements of NFPA 1999, 1951 and 1971.

Quality & Value By Design

Ricochet provides our customers with numerous choices of layered fabric systems, designed for durability, protection, and breathability. We make protective clothing that is comfortable, long-lasting, highly customizable and competitively priced. Check out our Rapid Turnaround line to find custom turnouts built to your specifications (not just pulled from a shelf) and guaranteed to fit right in a matter of weeks, not months..

Ricochet Mfg: M2 Prime Turnout Gear

The M² Prime product line is part of our Maximum Mobility series. We have created our M² Prime product line to continue to provide top-level safety, performance, and comfort, with additional standard features and fabric options, to meet your growing safety and budget demands. Built tough to be long-lasting and to provide the  best value in the industry, M2 Prime package is available in three shell/liner composites with top of the line fabrics chosen for superior heat protection and breath-ability, plus many added features.

M² Prime material options include the following Outer Shells and Thermal Liners paired with a GORE CROSSTECH Black moisture barrier:

Norfab OMNI Elite II 7.75oz in black or brown with OMNI Quilt Synergy 2-layer

TenCate Kombat Flex 6.9oz in black or natural with Caldura ELITE SL2i

TenCate Pioneer 6.6oz in light gold or khaki with Defender M SL2 Universal Camo

Ricochet Mfg: M2 Response Turnout Gear

The M² Response™ product line is part of our Maximum Mobility™ series. The M² Response™ package was designed to provide top-level safety, performance, and comfort in a package that is extremely valuable to you and sensitive to your budget. By pairing together specific material combinations, the M² Response is produced with a shell, barrier, and thermal liner combination that offers excellent heat protection, breathability, and overall performance, but comes at a great value to you and your department.

M² Response material Options:

Outer Shell: TenCate Pioneer 6.6oz in Black, Light Gold, or Khaki

Moisture Barrier: GORE RT-7100 or CROSSTECH Black

Thermal Liner: Norfab OMNI Quilt Synergy 2-layer

Ricochet Mfg: Technical Rescue 600 Series Gear

The Tech Rescue series is dual certified to meet NFPA 1951 (Rescue and Recovery Operations) and NFPA 1999 (EMS Operations). Our unique construction uses light-weight yet durable fabrics to create comfort. The 600 series is designed with user feedback and includes underarm gussets and shaped sleeves for increased mobility.

Dual certified to meet NFPA 1951 (Rescue and Recovery Operations) and NFPA 1999 (EMS Operations)

Ricochet Mfg: OutFront Technical Rescue Coat

Finally, a coat designed for command and support personnel who do not need the expensive and maintenance-intensive protection of full turnout gear. Specifically designed for chief officers, safety officers, vehicle extrication, EMS personnel, Fire-Police, pump operators, fire investigators, and water supply personnel. Ricochet's Out-Front gear is NFPA certified to provide complete NFPA 1951 Tech/Rescue, Extrication and NFPA 1999 Bloodborne Pathogen protection, as well as limited flash protection needed in non-entry operations.

-NFPA 1951-Tech Rescue, 1999 Bloodborne Pathogen Certified

-Optional Polartec® removable winter liner

-Custom fitted, rapid delivery

2021 Ricochet Catalog

Engineered for Comfort + Fit

Designed for greater flexibility, comfort, and performance. Ricochet has developed patterning innovations throughout all of the layers of your gear that work with the dynamics of your body - reducing heat stress, hobbling, and fatigue and providing a greater range of motion. All of our gear is custom-built because proper fit lowers the risk of exhaustion and increases safety.

Our Experience

Our extensive experience has helped us develop the skills, knowledge, and proven manufacturing techniques to provide the ultimate in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for emergency first responders, involved in Emergency Medical Services (EMS), technical rescue and fire fighting.

Our Service

We create value for our users by offering top-quality protective clothing with extensive options for customization at very competitive prices. From the selection of fabrics to the sealed seams to the type of stitching, every detail is engineered to meet the needs of the wearer for ultimate protection, comfort, and mobility. Ricochet is an ISO 9001 certified facility. We strive to provide industry-leading customer service and delivery times on all of our protective clothing

Proudly Made in the USA

Ricochet is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and has more than 25 years of experience producing sophisticated, high-tech gear for the rigorous and specialized needs of the military, industrial chemical workers and emergency first responders. Ricochet's home office and manufacturing are located in a historic factory building in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, home to a strong workforce of highly experienced and dedicated employees. 

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