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Viking Life Saving Equipment: Turnout Gear


VIKING Protects and Saves Lives All Over the World


Founded in 1960 and born global, VIKING is a privately held market leader in fire safety with the headquarters being located in Denmark. 


VIKING brings firefighters the perfect mix of American and European designs with a superior level of comfort and innovative protection.

VIKING is a global provider of turnout gear. Having manufactured and sold turnout gear to the industry for over 25 years we have proven record performance. Our product range meets the requirements of all types of departments; from large city professional and small town volunteer fire departments to industry and military firefighters.

Take a closer look at VIKING turnout gear and you will see a clear difference both in design and quality. It is in the materials we use. The way it feels to wear. The way it looks. Even in the craftsmanship of the stitching. That is because  for us, every detail has its part to play in ensuring our gear continue to be worn by the world's best firefighters.


Prod. No.: PS3838NFPA

VIKING’s new triple-layered hoods help protect your neck, ears and jaw area from dangerous particles. It is the latest breakthrough in barrier protection for firefighter hoods.


The latest breakthrough in barrier protection for firefighter hoods

Groundbreaking design with removable outer shell to reduce exposure to carcinogens and dangerous particles.


Cancer risk among firefighters is a major concern all over the world. Together with firefighters in the field, VIKING has developed and tested a tactical solution for the next generation of protection.

Viking Warrior Turnout Gear

“Standard AND Premium features you think are important are included as standard”

The gear is available in several material combinations, here shown is Tencate Pioneer Outershell

VIKING Warrior gear is approved according to NFPA 1971,  Latest Version



Viking SHIELD Gear

Triple Certified For Technical Rescue / Extrication, EMS, and Wildland Firefighting

Multi-purpose gear that lets you switch from handling technical rescue/extrication or EMS tasks to fighting wildland fires simply by changing the lining. Far from being a compromise, it provides all the ergonomic comfort and fit of top-of-the-line firefighting gear in either situation.

Firefighters need mobility and flexibility to meet the varied challenges of technical rescue/extrication, wildland firefighting and emergency medical operations. A whole new level of protection and breathable comfort lightens the load for long, hot active duty.

NFPA 1977 Wildland


NFPA 1951 Technical Rescue / Extrication Gear (Moisture Barrier)



Integrated Fall Protection - Escape / Ladder Belts & Harnesses by Fire Innovations



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