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Utilize Your Existing Box And Save Money!


We can help you maximize your valuable investment in your existing ambulance module by mounting it on a new chassis of your choosing and upgrading interior features to the latest standards. Some agencies have been able to remount the same module five or more times; saving money and maximizing the lifetime of their original investment each time. An ambulance remount with Osage Ambulances is a savvy investment for the long term, and fits your budget in the short term.

Our Remount Director, Steve Voss, heads up a team that has more than 40 years of experience in performing ambulance remounts. At Osage, we have performed ambulance remounts on more than 250 vehicles. That includes a variety of brands, so rest assured that we can perform ambulance remount on your vehicle! That level of experience and variety is tough to find, especially when coupled with our high level of customer service.

When it comes to ambulance remounts, who better to assist you than the original equipment manufacturer? We have detailed records on the history of your ambulance, including original programming files, complete electrical schematics, and any warranty service work completed over the lifetime of the module. As the OEM, we also have access to the newest technology and innovations available. The same team of in-house design, electrical, and chassis specialists that built your unit originally will lend their expertise to your  ambulance remount and refurbishment project. Our engineering resources are skilled in rebuild, repair, modifications, and upgrades. Each step in the process is well documented, resulting in a like-new ambulance complete with thorough documentation for future in-house service work.

All Ford QVM, FMVSS, CAAS, AMD, VAOEMS, and NFPA guidelines and regulations are followed. Superior workmanship, reliability, and dependability are the qualities you can expect from an Osage remount.  

Recent Osage Ambulance Remount Customers

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