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Custom Built Wildland & Brush Trucks

"For when you want it built right the first time!"

Our highly experienced EVT Certified installers and fabricators have been upfitting and custom building brush & quick attack units for 28+ years! Many of our first units are still in use today!


Manufactured, installed, and serviced locally by Vest's Sales & Service, Inc.
Standard and custom built configurations available. Multiple pump brands and fuel types available. Vest Brush / Wildland / Forestry Units are designed to enhance any fire department’s fire fighting capabilities. We work with each department to ensure the unit will work best for their crew, environment, and terrain.

With a multitude of options and features, these brush truck units are especially effective in handling off-road wildland fires, dumpster and trash fires, car fires, and many other scenarios. The rear mounted pump provides stationary operation or pump-and-roll with optional ground sweep nozzles. The intake and discharges can be built to your specific needs and requirements.

We will work with you from start to finish to accomplish the ultimate fire fighting machine your department deserves at an affordable price. Call today and let us help you build your custom skid unit!

Water Booster Tanks:

- Poly Booster Tanks (Lifetime Warranty)
- 25, 50, 150, 200, 250 and 300 Gallon Options
- Custom Designed Tank Sizes and Dimensions Available
- Internal Built In Foam Cells or External Foam Tanks Available
- Poly skids for ease of mounting and removal. Can be customized for pull out drawers or tool / suction hose storage underneath


- Most Common: HALE PowerFlow HPX200-B18

- Ultra-reliable Briggs & Stratton 18-HP 4-cycle V-Twin Gasoline Engine

- Electric Start with Recoil Backup

- Other Pump Brands, Types, & Engine Options Available: HALE, Waterous, CET, Darley, etc.

- Low Pressure or High Pressure Pump Options


Control Panels:

- Control Panel is 3/16” Aluminum - Available In Multiple Finishes and Colors

- Optional LED Lighting & Shroud / Hinged Cover

- One (1) Weatherproof, Liquid Filled 2.5” Pressure Gauge, Throttle, Primer, Controls, and Engine Start switch

- Optional LED Water Tank Gauge

- Optional Foam System Controls

- Custom Location & Designs Available

Foam Systems:

- Typically Class A Foam System

- Foam Cell Or Separate Foam Tank

- Blizzard Wizard around-the-pump Class A foam system

- Waterous Aquis Foam Proportioner

- Scotty Foam System

- Numerous Other Options

- Batch Mix HCT F500 EA Into Tank

- Multiple Brands of Foam Available For Sale With Purchase


- Custom steel manifold and plumbing (25 year warranty)

- Akron Brass (Standard), Elkhart Brass, or Apollo / Industrial Valves Available

- Layout, Discharges, Intake, Suction, Etc. All Custom Built To Customer Specs

- Chrome Plated Swivel & Chrome Caps w/ Chain

- Optional Ground Sweep Front Bumper Nozzles & Garden Hose Outlets Available

Hose Reels:

- Hannay Aluminum (painted or not) Hose Reel  w/ Electric Rewind

- Optional Chrome Rollers and Guides

- Optional Lightweight Yellow Or Heavy Red Rubber Booster Hose

- Optional Second Booster Reel

- Mercedes Textiles Boostlite, Key Hose Reel Lite, & Firequip Booster & Reel Lite Hose

Installation & Mounting:

- Installation, Mounting, and Testing Are Included in Purchase Price

- All Exposed Wiring Protected By Wire Looms

Optional Nozzles:

- Numerous Nozzle Brands, Types, & Options

- Automatic, Fixed & Selectable Gallonage, Constant Flow, High  & Low Pressure

- Pistol Grip or Not

- Akron Brass, TFT, Elkhart Brass, POK, Protek, Kockek, Darley, 

- Nozzle Mounting Cup / Brackets

Tool, Saw, & Blower Mounting:

- We Offer Numerous Pre-Manufactured And Custom Fabricated Mounting Options

- Easy & Safe Access To All Tools

- PAC Tool, Zico / Ziamatic, Akron Brass, South Park Corp, & Other Mounting Solutions

Compartments & Hose Lays:

- Custom Fabricated Aluminum (Painted, LineX, Swirled, Or Diamond Plate) Compartments & Hose Trays

- Custom Hose Tarps / Covers

- Under Skid Hard Suction Storage

- Optional Strip Lighting

- Optional Turtle Tile Dri Decking In Compartments

- Optional Pull Out Drawers / Storage

Lighting (Scene, Area, Flood, & Warning Lights):

- LED Lighting To Fit Your Every Need!

- Brow Lights

- Numerous Brands: Whelen, Weldon, Tecniq, Code3, RIGID, Federal Signal, ECCO, Unity, SHO-ME, Etc.

- Command Lights: Command Light

Truck Accessories, Bodies, Consoles, 

- Utility Bodies, Flat Bed Bodies (With or Without Compartments)

- Winches

- Brush Guards & Bumper Replacements

- Custom Cab Consoles

- Vinyl Lettering, Striping, Chevrons, and Graphics

- Running Boards & Side Steps

- Front Mount Turrets / Monitors

- Sirens

ATV Options:

- Electric or Gas Engine Pump

- Foam System

- Stokes Basket Storage

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