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Henry Vol. Fire Department

Ford F-350 Vest Brush Truck & Skid Unit


Production #: N/A

Year Model: 2014

Make:  F-350 4x4 SD Regular Cab

Engine: Gasoline

Transmission: Auto

Manufacturer: Vest's Sales & Service, Inc.

Pump: HALE HPX200

Tank: 200 Gallon

Salesman: Rodney Vest

Salesman: Rodney Vest

Town / City: Henry

County: Franklin

State: Virginia

Pump : HALE HPX200  Flows ranging from 100 GPM @ 150 PSI to 250 GPM @ 50 PSI

Tank: 200 Gallon Custom Poly Tank

Light Package: Whelen & Tecniq

Highlighted Features:

Hannay Electric Reels, Mercedes Textiles Boostlite Hose, Custom Built Side Compartments, Custom Fabricated Center Console, Pull Out Storage Trays, Streamlight E-Spot Box Lights, Crestar Nozzles Ranch-Hand Grille Guard

Additional Photos:
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